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Advocates for kids are pushing for a new approach to combating underage prostitution: treating young people caught up in sex trafficking as victims, not delinquents. This documentary examines how police and lawmakers are increasingly turning to a public health approach to help vulnerable young people break free of sex trafficking. And it explores efforts to stop traffickers and buyers.

Weather, parking, getting the kids to school -- go beyond chit chat to what we truly care about. "Uncommon conversation" challenges us to listen deeply to one another and, in this holy act, be bound together as the body of Christ. Plan your participation in at least two conversations between now
and Pentecost. Guide provided...

  June 27 - July 1
  4-year-olds to 8th graders
  Volunteers needed, too.

On the weekend of May 13-15, a group of about thirty worked, relaxed, and worshipped at Wilderness Canoe Base in northern Minnesota, adjacent to the BWCA...

Read an excellent article by  Brenda L. Yoder, LMHC. "Trafficking isn’t something confined to the brothels or slums of southeast Asia. It’s commercial sex with a child, and it’s in high demand in the United States. Victims and consumers are in our neighborhoods. Rural. Urban. Suburban..."

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